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CONTACT US   Jhon and Stenbler International offer a wide range of legal services to our clients such as, but not limited to: Legal documentations for our clients’ business Legal representation for defense in criminal cases Assistance to personal injury claims Bankruptcy cases   Our law firm has competent attorneys and staff that ensure to … Continue reading

Ring So Brite

Cleaning has not been an easy task for people who love to wear or collect jewelries. Some just use soap and water as cleaning agents, while others often immerse their jewelries in vinegar and scrub them using just a toothbrush. But achieving that original sparkle by just immersing or scrubbing with these agents is very … Continue reading

Dermablend Professional

Cosmetics have been used by women for quite a long time. From the traditional to the modern day woman, makeup application has played an important part in boosting their confidence by enhancing their appearance. A lot of new cosmetic and skin care products are available in the market today. One of which is the cosmetic … Continue reading

Cake Cups

A party is incomplete without desserts. Cakes, ice creams, and cones that are readily available in groceries are among the favorite options. However, ice cream cones available are usually made of sugar or wafer only. The product Cake Cups promises give ice cream cones an exciting twist. A type of muffin pan, Cake Cups claim … Continue reading

Aluma Slide

Credit cards and ATM debit cards are now widely used by almost everyone instead of bringing cash. However, keeping all these cards often leads to a wallet that is too bulky to carry around. Since fumbling out or dropping the cards also add to the difficulty of using an ordinary wallet, the product called Aluma … Continue reading

Encore Revive Premium

Erectile dysfunction or impotence, as it is normally called, is the most common cause of sexual frustration among men. The common treatments for erectile dysfunction are prescription medicines, penile injections, surgery or implant, and vacuum therapy. Among the four treatments, the latter is the cheapest and non-invasive. One of the known vacuum therapy treatment is … Continue reading

Bun It

Doing various hairstyles may be difficult for women with busy lifestyles, particularly if they have long hair. One fast and quick way to tame those tresses is to wear a ponytail or an up-do hairstyle. But a do-it-yourself up-do may still sometimes not look perfect. Bun It is said to help women create a beautiful … Continue reading

Silly Slippeez

Walking around the house is much more comfortable if one is wearing indoor slippers instead of having the shoes on. In the case of toddlers or even big kids, they would rather wear their socks than put on some boring slippers. There is a new product called Silly Slippeez. These are slippers that is said … Continue reading

Hercules Holder

Smartphones have been part of a busy person’s life, not only for career people but also homemakers alike. Even while driving one has the tendency to take any phone call in spite of the fact that it is very dangerous and illegal. Hercules Holder promises to offer a solution to these concerns. It is a … Continue reading

Super Stylus

The advancement of smartphones and tablets has brought about the innovation of touchscreens. This feature may be Capacitive or Resistive – the former allows high speed response with a slight tap of your fingertips while the latter can be activated by pressing hard or using an external device such as stylus. Since handwriting is unnatural … Continue reading