Freelance Writing

Feel free to browse through my original paid articles/ write-ups.

Lengthy Articles:

  1. Understanding HTML: A Must for New Bloggers – PUBLISHED in
  2. Unfolding a Writer’s Charm: Newbie Tips on How to Write for the Internet – PUBLISHED in
  3. Effects of an Absentee Father on a Child and How Dr. Jennifer Eve Alexander Can Help You Deal With It
  4. DrJenn911 Uses Supportive and Affirmative Language to Enrol People to Success
  5. Wanted: Victim at Large
  6. Make a Woman Want You
  7. The Pain and Pleasure of Abuse
  8. Your ABCD’s on Credit Card Debt (Ability to Balance Credit Card Debt) – UNFINISHED ARTICLE
  9. Learn to Reduce Credit Card Debt the Kindergarten Way
  10. Now You See Her by James Patterson (Book Review) – PUBLISHED in

Easy Read:

  1. That 5-Hour Online Habit
  2. The Bully in Online Gaming
  3. Casual Online Games At Its Best
  4. Playing Alone: The Game of Solitaire
  5. Are Single-Player Card Games Boring?
  6. 15-Minute Break From a Stressful Work
  7. Have Wild Games Gone Extinct?
  8. Online Gaming@Work: Hide It From Your Boss
  9. Women Play More Online Games
  10. Alert! Pre-schoolers Playing Online
  11. Proceed with Caution: Spending on Internet Games
  12. Goof Off at Work… Play Secretly and Be More Productive
  13. Online Game for a Math Wiz
  14. The Benefits of Single-Player Card Games
  15. Going Solo on Solitaire

Product Descriptions/ Web Content:

  1. Rabbit TV
  2. Safeguard Tub
  3. Caulk Fast
  4. Hercules Holder
  5. Super Stylus
  6. Snap-A-Loop
  7. MagnaColor
  8. WonderVase
  9. Synaptol
  10. Ring So Brite
  11. Dermablend Professional
  12. Cake Cups
  13. Aluma Slide
  14. Encore Revive Premium
  15. Bun It
  16. Silly Slippeez
  17. Jhon and Stenbler International – Contact Us Page
  18. TOTO MS854114SG Ultramax Toilet
  19. American Standard Champion-4 Right Height Elongated Two-Piece Toilet
  20. How to Buy the Best Dog Grooming Clippers that Work

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