What’s In Her Name?

Just a simple poem I wrote for my daughter who is celebrating her birthday this month…


Greeks say you are rational,
of sound mind, you are sane.
For me you’re a bit looney
yet intellectual just the same.
A warrior for Germans
you fight hard, you stand firm.
I abide by what they mean
you’re my champion, I draw back my spear.

One tiny little creature
that was born in April spring
It almost took my life
one foot and arm on death’s peril.
But just a sight of that charming thing
is lavish exuberance, a joy complete
How could a mom lose all hope
when she sees pure love, no defeat.

My first joy, my first love
you are a delight, a daughter so sweet
My wailing wall in times of solitude
my barricade when I feel beat.
My honey nectar when life is bitter
you speak life when my soul is sick,
Your heart is pure, your embrace so calm
you gave me solace when my spirit is weak.

My child, you have grown older
and taller and always meek
Now, what’s really in your name, my sweet?
It is neither German nor Greek.
Hear my words, these I speak to you
Listen to my heart for what it says
My daughter today’s your birthday
Lo and behold, this is what I pray…

You will dream big and you’ll be great,
You will achieve whatever I don’t have
You will excel in everything
and you will always be loved.
You will find your purpose sooner or later
You will find your way no matter what.
You’ll gain friends who will reciprocate love
And you will never be in want.

A better Christian you will be,
someone who won’t break rules
God’s promises you will keep
and forever will be your footstool.
Blessings will abound
more than God has given me
There’ll be joy and there’ll be pain
but you will be stronger than mommy.

There are no words to describe
how much I feel for you, my child.
You’re my humming bird and my wings
you keep me afloat when I’m not high.
You are a loving sister to your siblings,
you bring pride to your dad.
You always find the need to help others
a good pal when others are bad.

My last lines to this poem is simple
I need to quote it from the Bible.
“Let love and faithfulness never leave you
bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart…”
For, my dear, this is the only way to win God’s favor
and a good name forget that not.

Happy Birthday, my dear!



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