From Prada to Nada: A Mom’s Career Shift

Silhouette With Clipping Path of Business Woman with BriefcaseIt takes a lot of getting-used-to for you to really get used to doing something especially if you have been working in the corporate realm half of your life. Earning your own income, buying gadgets out of your own pocket, after-office dinners with colleagues… these are some of the petty things you will miss when you shift from being a working mom to staying-at-home. Believe me, I’ve been there and done that, yet it seems that I’m still not getting the hang of this new career. I get cranky and irritable of filthy socks, kids’ school stuff lying all over the place, and of course, the occasional bickering and horse-playing of my children. It’s cute sometimes but honestly, when you’re tired of all the chores or when you are concentrating on something (my writing for instance), even the most adorable laugh can get to your nerves.

The first few months of adjustment has been tough. I thought it was very easy. I know myself as one tough cookie but you will find me secretly crying a lot on simple things like getting the kids (and forcing them) to eat the meals that I cooked. It’s hilarious, I know. But when you are in a situation that you felt depressed, useless, or taken for granted, a river is not wide enough for your tears.

Anyway, I am way past this emo-state (hopefully) and I believe I have adjusted well to changing tides. I couldn’t offer you how-to tips on this kind of career shift because each person is to his own. My adjustment phase may be different from yours. We all have our own preferences but what I could give you here are the things that worked out good for me. Just think of your home as an extension of your office career.


Whoever said that getting organized and managing your time only works for career women is definitely out of his head. I tell you, staying at home and juggling your schedule in sync with your husband’s & kids’ school schedule takes a lot of good management. Now is the best time to put those office skills into productive use.


Of course, you are literally working from home: cooking, cleaning the house, doing laundry, and (this one is tough) ironing clothes! What I mean is, since you are in the transition from Prada to Nada, that is, earning your own bucks to getting just hugs, you might as well use your extra time to earn from the comfort of your home. There are so much online resources that offer money-making jobs for moms-at-home. Answer surveys, paid emails, market research, and freelance writing are just a few of those. But be wary of scammers because there are a lot of them, too. These online resources don’t offer a very lucrative and high-paying job unlike working in the office but it’s a good start if you want to earn extra.


Staying at home can be very stressful, too. Sometimes your inner peace gets lost inside the four corners of your home. It sometimes takes away your self-confidence and crushes your morale. One way I find very helpful for me to get on track is by volunteering. At least once a week I get to see and share my knowledge to other people. The small recognition you get from the people you’ve helped is good enough to boost your dying confidence. You also build a network of (physically present) friends apart from those on your Facebook friends list.

And lastly,


I don’t mean leaving your abode to party elsewhere because you missed this kind of after-office life you once had. You have to keep in mind that your priority now is your family. It’s a lot different when you are working in the office because your day-to-day life now revolves around your home. It really gets lonely when you’re home alone but there are various ways for you to “get a life”. You could hang out with friends on weekends, attend birthday parties, or for most people, social networking sites offer a great help in getting in touch with your long distance friends. Find a hobby. Sports, read books, do arts & crafts, anything! Something that you enjoy doing. In other words, DON’T MOPE.


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