The Blessed Life Series: LIFE PURPOSE

Our pastor’s message today in church is very inspiring. The last part of our The Blessed Life series was about Life Purpose. Our reference text is in Hebrews 12:1-2. Here are some of my notes that I wanted to share…
* God’s thumbprint on you is the mark of His purpose on your life. He saw a need so great in this world and He created you to fill that need.
* Your life purpose is NOT about you. It has always been about others.
* Some people miss their purpose because they are so entangled on “finding their purpose.” A huge part of your purpose is already in front of you!
Some things that cause us not to live our life on purpose:
1) Ignorance – some people doesn’t know that God has a purpose
2) Sin – things in your life that you’re in struggle with especially the subtle sins that may throw you off course like pride, jealousy, unforgiving heart
3) Second best – some people settle for the second best, meaning, the tendency to settle for a selfish purpose of serving ourselves instead of others.
3 Questions to help you know your purpose:
1) What has God gifted you to do? – not only skills or talents but the subtle “gifts” you are blessed with like encouragement, generosity, mercifulness…
2) What has God given you a heart and passion for? – the experiences you have gone through in your life, the mistakes you’ve made in the past
3) What responsibilities has God given you? – family, relationships
What Should I Do? – Stay focused, fix our eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12:2)
Our life purpose is not always an easy thing, there are times that it will be very difficult for you, but you (we) have to “run in perseverance the race that is marked out for you”… the purpose that is SPECIFIC for you (us).
Sermon podcast is available on iTunes or visit for info about New Community Church of Vista, CA
Have a blessed week ahead!

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