Now You See Her by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (Book Review)


Her twin sister is misfortune. This is how I would describe Nina Bloom’s  life. But just like any other mom, she will dare heaven and hell to keep her  beloved daughter safe from the shadows of her past.

The novelist James Patterson, together with Michael Ledwidge, has written  another page-turner novel titled Now You See Her. James Patterson,  being the creator of bestselling detective series and fiction books, takes you  this time to the life of a woman who is faced with a haunting past that led her  to change her identity. A successful lawyer in New York, she has lied to  everyone just to raise her only child with this new life and career. However, a  pro bono murder case handled by their firm moved her conscience to not let an  innocent man pay for the crimes he did not commit… even if it means she has to  come out in the open and face once again her chilling past that has been kept  hidden for almost two decades.

The story tells you about the present life of Nina Bloom with flashbacks of  memories from her dark past… the past that only Jeanine Baker, her real name,  knows. Her misfortune all started in Key West, Florida during their spring break  vacation. Just a shot of alcohol is all it took for a college student’s life to  turn around. Driving away from her infidel boyfriend, Jeanine met a tragic  accident where she hit and killed a man on the road. This is when she met Pete  Fournier, a rookie police officer and her soon-to-be husband. Sympathizing with  the untoward events that happened to a good girl like Jeanine, Pete offered to  help her get rid of the body. Really? A person of authority hiding a dead man?  Now that’s the kind of good Samaritan we need!

Afraid of what will become of her after the road-kill, Jeanine decided to  drop out from college and stayed in Key West instead. Of course, good Samaritan  Peter again offered to help her start a new life in the coast. He even helped  her land a job. Eventually, they both fell in love and got married. Everything  turned out well for the new couple until Jeanine found out that she was pregnant  and an FBI agent showed her the perils of staying with Pete. More shocking  revelations turned out as the story progressed from here.

I have been a James Patterson fan more particularly with his Alex Cross  detective series. This is the first time I have read his novel with a woman lead  but I must say that like the other fiction stories he wrote, every page of Now You See Her is also very dynamic. This novel is  full of suspense and action-filled drama that keeps you turning the page until  you find out what happens in the end. You will literally devour every page of  this book. A must-read novel.

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