Women Play More Online Games

Online gaming is a male-dominated world… Not anymore!

In a research conducted by the Nielsen Entertainment in 2006, about 64% of online gamers are comprised by females from ages 13 years old and above. But that was five years ago. If that rate continues to increase, then internet gaming cannot be solely attached to the male gender alone.

Much debate has been raised as to whether the survey focused on casual online gaming versus the RPG or serious ones. Well, it doesn’t matter. The question we need to ask is why online gaming has become more appealing to the women of today compared with the women of past generations. Perhaps it is due to the greater demands most women now face being moms and career women that they need a quick time for leisure and fun. There are a lot of reasons but no matter what they are it is good to think that women play a huge role even in a male-infested cyber world.


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