Unfolding a Writer’s Charm: Newbie Tips on How to Write for the Internet

Not all web surfers are bookworms. Consider yourself lucky if they spend at least two minutes reading your article word for word. So technically, the quote “first impressions last” does not only apply to charm your first social meetings but also to captivate readers with your web article writing.

But how do aspiring internet writers start? Some set out as bloggers at first while a few others join forums. But whether it be blogging, internet marketing, or writing articles for fun, it is very critical to take note of some key points to consider on how to write for the internet.

  • Capture with the Title

One way of catching the eye of your readers is by using a creative heading for your article. A first glance at your title is sure to grab the attention of web surfers. And of course, depending on how well you have written your content will make your readers stick until the end of the page. Keep it simple but use your imagination.

  • The YOU in Their Shoe

Now that your readers have noticed your existence through the title, what is there to expect? Setting yourself in the reader’s perspective is the most important part in any writing stint. No matter how good and catchy your title is, if the content does not meet their expectations, it won’t be a good read after all.

People have a variety of needs why they surf the web. What is essential for an internet writer is that you meet these needs by envisioning what the readers are looking for. Always make sure to give them what they want. If it is an informative article they seek, research and try to get the specifics as precisely as possible. If it is for leisure, then give them fun!

Always put yourself in your reader’s shoe and not the other way around.

  • Plain and Simple… but WOW!

Another key consideration on how to write for the internet is by using plain and simple words that even a seven-year old child will understand. Dinosaurs are already extinct but not a thesaurus! Kidding aside, make use of the thesaurus only if you ran out of words from your vocabulary bank. But always remember to veer away from extravagant and flashy words.

The content is what really matters and you must always consider the flow of your article. Do not segue into topics that are irrelevant and lengthy. It will just waste your reader’s time and might prompt them to leave your article unread. Use keywords to maximize search engine optimization for your article and try to avoid creating too many hyperlinks or references. Not all readers click on it so it is better to make your whole article as informative as possible.

Also, most website surfers tend to linger on a site that is dynamic and easy on the eye. Make use of this visual advantage by creating a dynamic web page, highlighting or changing the font color of words, or simply adding a picture that has bearing to the topic.


How to write for the internet can be as simple as learning the alphabet. A writer only need to capture his reader’s attention, feed their need for information, but most especially keep his article easy to read. In this way, his charm will work wonders no matter how diverse his topics will be.

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