The Pain and Pleasure of Abuse

RESULTS911: On Women Staying in Abuse Relationships

A husband lashes out anger on his wife. The wife after all the painful bruises still serves her husband and stays in the relationship…

This is the usual scenario we see on domestic violence. Abuse, whether physical or psychological, can happen anywhere and to anyone regardless of race, gender or status in the society. But why is that some women, despite the pain caused by their partner, still choose to stay in this kind of abusive relationship?


An Unending Cycle

 Abuse in any form may be traced back to the person’s childhood trauma on physical, verbal, or even sexual abuse. Growing up with a feeling of anger, shame, and inadequacy, some usually find pleasure in pulling their partners down by inflicting pain. On the contrary, some may find it gratifying to receive the pain. It is a sad fact that abuse relationships like this is a continuous cycle. It repeats from generation to generation.


Symptoms Unravelled

Does your partner embarrass you in front of your friends? Does he ignore and belittle your accomplishments? Does he control whatever you do and stalk your whereabouts? Do you feel helpless that whatever you do seems not good enough? Do you feel fear, rejection, or threat in your life?

These are some of the tell-tale signs of an abuse relationship. If you answer yes to these, then you are indeed in a pit of a destructive affair.


So Why Women Stay?

Some women in this kind of abuse relationship have varied reasons of staying. Some stay for love of their family. Some still see hopes on promises of change from their partners. But it is disturbing if a woman stays because she feels pleasure despite the pain. No matter what, whether it may be physical or emotional, the abuse is both damaging. It leaves a mark that can scar a person for a lifetime.



SOS: Results911

Can abuse be healed? The answer is YES! Being one of the top dynamo therapists, Dr. Jennifer Eve Alexander, has helped a lot of individuals in their struggle on personal relationships in her Results911. The numbers 911 is usually linked to emergencies. And situations like abusive relationships are considered emergencies that need to be resolved.

If you feel that you are the person in this kind of relationship, Dr. Jennifer is the best person to go to. She will not only help you overcome your trauma but she will also teach you how to live a life that you truly deserve.



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