The Bully in Online Gaming

We often think that bullies only exist in schools and that it requires physical contact with the victim. However, with the advancement of technology, bullies arise in power especially in the cyber world. Not only does a bully exist in social networking media but also in RPG or role-playing video games. Every now and then, new ONLINE GAMES are being created whether it is for personal computer or for portable and handheld devices. And these games somehow have a psychological and behavioural effect on people. Covert bullies often lure in venues like these.

Many players enjoy the benefits of online gaming by gaining a new network of friends. However to some, especially for new players, their online gaming experience is quite unsatisfying. Some have experienced being bullied by more advanced players and others reported rudeness of stronger players against the weaker players.

Whether you are the bully or not in your online game, your toughness will not measure your true strength.


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