That 5-Hour Online Habit

School-aged kids on the average require at least 10 hours of sleep to regain the strength used up from daily activities. On the other hand, a middle-aged adult can recharge his energy with at least seven hours of sleep and most of the time, even less. But the question is how much time does an adult spend on habitual ONLINE GAMES instead of their regular shut-eye time?

Research has shown that on the average, 8 hours per week are spent by an adult by playing games online. Only about 7.3% internet-savvy users spend two hours a week or less on casual internet games while some, on the other hand, even spend 25 hours/ week on it. That seems not healthy at all.

Time spent on computer must not interfere with our regular bodily requirements. We need to have that kind of discipline, so break that online gaming habit and give our body time to rest.


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