Signing Off to 2012


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2012 is a year of change and transition for my family, especially for me. Mabigat sa puso ang taong ito, letting go and moving on. You have no idea how much turmoil i felt inside. Leaving my comfort zone to move to an unknown realm… the distance, the time difference… Nakakapraning really lalo na if s…anay kang may kausap physically… Life is not all positive. The negatives have to come in to balance it out. It’s a cycle that some never understood… But I’m thankful for those who are patient, supported and stood side by side with me when I’m at my deepest well. I’m grateful I have friends as such. And i thank God for keeping me sane. (and also fb/twitter lol)

Now, the blinders are up and I’m excited for 2013. I see the realization of my goals. I see greater opportunities not only for me but for my family here and those i left behind. And to kickstart the year, even though I hate reviewing for exams, I’m taking one. I’m taking an RCFE administrator certification. I have no idea how it will go pero malaki naman pala annual nun so go! Hehe. You may think it’s a career change but no, i took a pre-med college course with the aim of providing care to people. Time and situations may change our goals but we always go back to our first love. I have been chasing myself for years, now it’s time to try out what i really wanted ever since. Just like a rubber band when it reached its full elasticity, when its full potential has been stretched, there’s no other way but to spring back. It may not be in its original shape but at least it’s more elastic, more flexible… Perhaps the senior volunteering triggered this passion that has been in slumber for years… or maybe it comes with age? Anyway, sasan pa’t sa pagtanda rin ang final destination nating lahat. I guess it’s time for me to sow to a different soil. Maybe the harvest is better than what i had before. (Monetary and spiritually lol)

So, wish me luck for the coming year(s). To some I am just a fair-weather friend. To a few I’ve been a b*tch, yet i know to a lot I am more than a sister. But whatever type of friend (person) I’ve been to you, I’m thankful that you were part of my roster of friends/ network. Let’s pray for one another. For those who wanna keep in touch, you know where I am… I’m always here (figuratively).

So this is it! See ‘ya when I see ‘ya. As early as now I welcome the coming fruitful years and I’m now signing off to 2012! Tata!


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