Proceed with Caution: Spending on Internet Games

“Spend your money wisely” is the quotation we often get or give to others with regards to effective financial management. But would you spend on something that temporarily takes away some stress in your life?

As more and more adults become engrossed with the internet, a majority of the audience one way or another have engaged themselves in online gaming. A lot of casual ONLINE GAMES can be downloaded and played for free. But most of these free games are only limited, meaning, you could only reach a certain level and if you still wish to pursue with the game, there will be a need to purchase the whole software already.

It can’t be denied that at a certain time, one can be addicted to a game even to the point of purchasing real money credits just to be at the top or be able to buy cool stuff for our virtual café. Yes, online gaming is fun but we have to be cautious that our credits don’t bulk up with little virtual purchases


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