Online Gaming@Work: Hide It From Your Boss

Few years back, only a small number of companies have allowed internet access to their employees. The reason behind is simply because of hours wasted by the employee on surfing the internet. But with the increase of many business process outsourcing companies or BPOs, internet access in their employees’ desktop computers has become a necessity and a lot of employees have learned the art of multi-tasking…and occasional glimpse to their ONLINE GAMES is inevitable.

So how do they do it? How come that even if a company releases a memorandum discouraging online gaming at work, some employees still manage to play their casual internet games without the boss knowing?

The simplest answer is a click of the Alt+Tab keys. Using these keys simultaneously will view the screen of another application that is open. To some more advanced computer users, they have managed even to install a software that will disable browsing history so they won’t be caught.

No matter how they do it, it is still a no-no to an employee’s productivity to play internet games at work. Well of course unless online gaming is your job!


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