Make a Woman Want You


You’ve been dating this girl for a long time now and consequently, started falling in love with her. The problem is you don’t know if both of you are running the same mile. You’re completely clueless if she feels the same way for you. Then you ask yourself, “How can I make her want me?”

To end your drama of wondering and constantly seeking answers to pointless questions about your woman’s feelings, enrol in Dr. Jennifer’s Results Therapy program. But before that, here are top three (3) things that men can do to create that inner fire within her. These 3P’s would make the woman of your dreams want you more.

1) Paramount of Understanding

Every woman has her own story and life experiences. And sometimes, unconsciously, she acts based on her past situations. Maybe she went through a difficult and traumatic childhood. Maybe her father left the family and she doesn’t know how to react to a male’s attention. Or perhaps she had unsuccessful relationships in the past.

These kinds of experiences, one way or another, made her shy away from showing what she truly feels for you. So as tedious it may seem it is your job to find out where she is coming from. No matter what situation she was in before, show no regrets, no blaming. Only give her respect and your big-time understanding.

2) Presence

Time is essential in any relationship. The amount of time you put in a relationship is directly proportional to the love you give to your woman. But this does not mean that you have to be constantly present, shadowing her every single minute. That’s stalking her, you know! Well, if you think that way somehow, you better be her doorman or personal assistant.

You can show it to her that by making her feel that, whether physically there or not, you are the first person she will think of in times when she is most vulnerable.

3) Patience

Let’s face it. Not all women are created equal but there is one thing that is common to all. Yes, women are unpredictable. Typhoons won’t be named after them if they all share the same predicaments. So, a ton of patience is really required.


So, there you go! Hope this helps. Enrol in Dr. Jennifer’s Results Therapy Program now! You’ll not be only guaranteed results but a whole lot of a new life that you most desired!


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