Learn to Reduce Credit Card Debt the Kindergarten Way

Do you still remember your kindergarten years? All of us went thru this stage in school not unless you are a genius and got promoted to secondary level at age 5. Well, of course, this is the age when we started learning all the basics: shapes, lines, and the alphabet.

So what is it with kindergarten and credit card debts?

At our preschool age we often get away with things we want from our parents either by using charm (doing good) or by force (tantrums). As adults, we have the best tool in the world to get what we want. Yes. Credit cards! Aside from our basic needs, we also reward ourselves for well-done job or get away with stress by using that magic card that comes in either gold or silver.

We may not be aware but it is a fact that we have become slaves to those tiny cards that we keep in our wallets. Many of us consumers are lured by the current fads and technology into the pit. The sad thing is some of us do not even know how to reduce credit card debt.

A lot of How To tips available over the internet are quite helpful. But some consumers have really fallen so hard they do not even know how to start getting out of their debts. Cutting the cards in half and totally eliminating use of credit  card may be helpful to some but not to others.


We must learn to reduce credit card debt one step at a time. How? Learn the basics like a kindergarten.


Are you Visual consumer?

The moment you flip the pages of a magazine and see something enticing, STOP! When you browse a website and that form validation requests you to type in your credit card details, STOP again! Hold that credit card and think twice before purchasing. You will immediately reduce credit card debt when you acknowledge that you are acting like a Looker. These are kids who are visual learners and get satisfaction with what they see.


You don’t hear me well, do you?

Some kindergartens learn easily by using their auditory skills. So like them, take heed of the advices you hear on how to reduce credit card debt. Some professionals even offer trainings and seminars on financial management. Listen to them. But most important of all is to take action on what you have heard or learned.


Maybe You’re a Mover

Some of us get hooked easily when we go to places where credit card use abounds – the shopping malls. Reduce credit card debt by limiting your visit to the malls. Plan your trips and purchases. Avoid being impulsive!


Acknowledging that there is still a kindergarten in each of us may help us learn the basics on lowering and even eliminating debts. The things mentioned above are just a few simple reminders on how we can reduce our debts. Credit cards have become a necessity. We cannot totally get rid of them. But what we could do is manage our finances by trimming down a little on credit card use.



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