Going Solo on Solitaire

Some children got used to playing Tetris, Pac-Man, or card games on their family’s personal computer. Computer games way back then are not as colourful and interactive as it is now. The monitor is not as slim as the ones available now. Also, the internet was not even a thing before. You only get to have a PC game by using a floppy disk. Now that was old!

One thing some kids enjoyed playing over and over again during those times was the game Solitaire. You have no choice because it’s the only game available you could play without the external disk. It was very easy to win before and you can get really excited every time you won so some precious childhood’s time was spent just playing that game.

Until now with so many choices for casual online gaming, a lot of kids-then-now-adults would sometimes prefer to go solo playing their favourite card game.


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