Effects of an Absentee Father on a Child and How Dr. Jennifer Eve Alexander Can Help You Deal With It

Fathers have a direct impact and play a critical role in the development of a child. They are far more than just mere household Zeus or authority figures at home. Fathers, who are physically present, provide greater positive benefits to their children and not just being the family’s financial wall.


But what if Daddy is not around?


Research has shown that there is a huge impact on the cognitive behaviour and educational capabilities of the child. Children whose fathers are involved during their growing years are more likely to have higher IQs and excel better in school compared to those whose fathers are absent.


Involvement of fathers also affects the child’s psychological and social well-being. They are more confident, sociable, and emotionally secure. On the contrary, kids with absentee father tend to be more troublesome and less self-controlled. As the child reach the adolescent age, those from mother-only families are more likely to be delinquent and become sexually active compared to those with complete parents who are involved.


Breaking the Father-Child Bond


It is known that fathers have an important role especially in the development of their daughter’s self-esteem. Girls tend to see themselves based on how their fathers view and appreciate them. A strong dad-daughter bond helps her to become more confident and project a good self-image.


Daughters learn to interact with other males through their fathers. Girls who did not grow up with their father may have difficulties in forming long-term relationships with men. Since they do not experience the love and attention from a single male figure at home, the tendency is to seek and become desperate for male attention.


Teenage pregnancy is also higher. Since they are more sexually active, they tend to become single-moms in the end. There is a high degree of aggression as well as depression with girls of mother-only household.


An Expert to the Rescue


For single-moms, helping your child cope with the fact that their father won’t be around for long is quite a struggle. But you don’t have to do it alone. Dr. Jennifer Eve Alexander is here to help. Not only is she an expert in transformational knowledge, she is also a top dynamo therapist who has helped many individuals achieve the life they yearned to have.


Dr. Jennifer Eve Alexander aims to eliminate agony and suffering caused by broken relationships or abuse by educating others. Her achievement is not for her own but for those whom she has helped live a fruitful and deserving life.


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