Alert! Pre-schoolers Playing Online

As technology advances, more and more children have access to the internet. And needless to say, a lot of internet games are readily available even to children as young as four-years old. Should we be alarmed?

A lot of ONLINE GAMES are created for the entertainment needs of the majority of adult gamers, mostly those 18 years old and above. However, as the computer and internet users become younger, more games have been created to also cater the needs of the younger generation of gamers. These games may include those that are geared towards the development of a preschooler’s mental and motor skills.

Technology is inevitable. Whichever way the gaming company designs a casual internet game, the most important aspect that we have to be strict on is our own supervision with the internet time of our young ones. We have to make sure to restrict the websites our preschoolers are visiting. It is our duty to keep them safe from games that show violence and aggression.


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