15-Minute Break From a Stressful Work

Ahh, stress! It is inevitable. Every human being experiences a lot of stress in various levels and intensity. Each one has different ways of coping up. Some eat. Some shop. While some play casual online games.

If you are in a position where a lot of mental stress is involved, a break away from the usual routine of planning asset forecast for the company is not bad at all. Getting yourself out of the daily brain popping budget monitoring stuff and giving yourself at least a 15-minute break would be healthy both for you and the company.

But would you be surprised to know that in an office setting, even with the numerous online games at hand, employees still go for the most basic? Yes, they still go for what is readily available in their PCs. They still play the SOLITAIRE. Go ahead, try it. A fifteen-minute break-time with this game is worth the refreshing and recharging of mind that you need.


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