Pesky Dreams

A couple of nights ago I dreamt of mice. I was playing with these tiny little creatures in my dream. I was able to control them. I taught them some tricks. You know, those that you normally see in circuses. Then after the curtain call, when i was about to put them in their cages, everything has gone berserk. They escaped. I can no longer control them. They come creeping up my hand onto my arms. On the floor. Out of their cages. Everywhere. I had an icky and disgusted feeling  upon waking up.

Then last night another freaky creature visited me in my dream… a BULLFROG! In my purse! I was in some place with some familiar faces, a barn perhaps, somewhere wet and dry with hay scattered on the floor. The other details I could not recall anymore. What i remember is that i saw the frog jumping. A little hop here and there. Jump. Pause. Jump. And Pause. And for some reason it seems that that freaky-looking big-eyed bullfrog was trying to tease me into catching him (or it, or whatever!) My goodness, i only did frog-hunting ONCE and that is to practice for my college biology class dissecting exam. The last scene that i can remember is that big frog leaping out of my red purse! Ugh! I had to literally wake myself up from that dream.

These vivid images that occurred in my dream for two consecutive nights had me google up their meanings. I am not very superstitious but I do believe in dreams. The angels in the Bible often come to men through their dreams. Oh how I wish an angel would talk to me in sleep rather than these creepy-looking creatures.

Anyway, here’s a few of the google results I summarized regarding the meaning of those two separate dreams. It may not be the exact meaning I want but at least I get a hint of what it’s all about.


Mice are cute but when in great numbers, they become pests. So dreaming about mice suggests petty annoyances or irritations. Little troubles and worries that eat away your confidence and well-being, especially your inner peace. There are also trivial issues in your life that need attention. Issues that unconsciously leave you the  feeling of inadequacy.

Well, I honestly have a lot of those little issues. I have nurtured them, unconsciously, just like how i taught those mice to do some tricks. But no matter how good I am in boxing them in, those pesky little mice still try to escape from their cages. One by one, they crawl up to me and gnaw away my serenity. =)


Generally, dreaming about frogs suggests an unexpected opportunity for change. You know the classic frog prince disguise? Yes, that is change in itself. Seeing a bullfrog per se may also mean that I can expect to meet new and interesting friends soon. That’s really something to look forward to. 

Frogs in low marshy places indicate rising above the challenges you face with the support of the people in your circle. Dreaming of it in the grass (in my case, barn full of hay) may suggest that you will be “rewarded with a calm and enjoyable friend who will offer understanding and good counsel.” That’s nice to hear.

This one’s more or less applicable to me… leaping frogs suggest you have difficulty with commitment. With the frog leaping, you also tend to move from one event (or person) to another. That is true in my case, I have a lot of things I want to accomplish all at once that I normally tend to leap from one activity to the other. Multitasking, yes, but I see to it that a task reach it’s completion. On a positive note, it may also suggest progress in a goal you are working on. Another good point to learn about.

Oh, this one you should read: “For women to dream about a bullfrog suggests a wedding to a rich widower who has children that need to be cared for.”

Now that’s a backup plan!


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