The Writer At A Glance


Getting top honors from highschool, RICH dreamt of becoming one of the best doctors in her country. However, their family’s financial status won’t allow the fulfillment of her dreams.  Being the eldest daughter of a hardworking OFW (overseas Filipino worker) father and the kindest and most patient mother, she chose a degree that is in line with her dreams but would guarantee to easily land her a job to help her family. And with that in mind, RICH took up and  graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, major in Microbiology, at the University of the Philippines – Los Baños campus.



Since graduating from college, she has worked as a support staff to top management of various pharmaceutical companies both local and multinational. Her longest tenure was in a French multinational pharmaceutical company manufacturing and distributing ethical drugs for diabetes and hypertension. She has worked in the Human Resources Department of that company an Executive Secretary.



She was not born a prodigy, but her love for dancing sprung up during her college years. She was a member of the UPLB Filipiniana Folk Dance Troupe since 1995, but a group of college student dancers decided to go independent and coined a new group name. Currently, she is an alumni/ honorary member of the UPLB Sandayaw Cultural Group. She has choreographed various dance performances both in her previous job and organizations she was into. Honed by the demands of her work, she developed her creativity in arts and crafts more particularly in balloon arts. She also enjoys making trinkets & bead accessories and is currently developing her skill in knitting and crochet. A mom of three: she cooks, bakes, and desires to put delectable food on the table for her kids.



Since leaving her regular job and moving to California to become a full-time mom, RICH optimizes her time by writing. She has been a freelance writer since 2010 and has worked with Essays.Ph for some time. Currently, she is actively contributing written jobs to Creative Contents. She has also signed up as a Basic Expert Author to contribute articles to


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